Lip Balm - Restore

Lip Balm - Restore

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Pomifera CBD Lip Balm

Our Restore lip balm contains 15mg of CBD, Maclura Pomifera, Apple Stem Cells, Kunzea, Rosemary, Mint and Vanilla. in a shea butter and coconut oil base to nourish, restore and repair your lips. This lip balm is known for it’s moisturizing and collagen producing effect. It also helps the wrinkles around your mouth.

Pomifera has been known to Deeply Hydrate and helps to hold in moisture, It Stimulates Cell Regeneration, defends against pollutants and age Related Factors. Tightens skin and reduces age spots. It also enhances the Lipid Barrier. and Helps with Herpes, Cold sores, eczema, Rosacea, Dry Skin, Bug Bites, damaged hair, Diaper Rash, It is Antiviral and Antimicrobial.

Apple stem cells help boost collagen and can Repair damaged tissues and organs. it can Target premature aging and fine lines and Reverse environmental damage. i also can Increase stem cell vitality and longevity in your skin. Also Activates your own skin stem cell regeneration and Protects human stem cells and It Combats chronological and genetic aging and deep wrinkles. Topical application may help reduce the depth of crow’s feet and wrinkles in some cases as early as two weeks.


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