These are some of our most frequently asked questions about Golden Sol CBD and our CBD products. If you don't see your question here please reach out to us at info@goldensolcbd.com 

How do I become an Influencer, Dealer or Retail location with Golden Sol CBD?

Fill out this form and we will reach out to you to discuss. We are so excited to setup Dealers, Influencers and Retail Locations. 

Do you 3rd Party Test the CBD?

Yes we absolutely do. Actually the farmer tests it and then it is sent to us for bottling and infusion. We then again 3rd party test before putting it on our shelves. Our test results are on our website and you are welcome to them. We feel this is an extremely important factor in value. There are many bottles of other brands you will find on shelves that have no testing and you don't even know if there is real or synthetic lab created CBD in the bottle. Our product is Farm to Bottle completely. 

Where do you get your hemp from?

Our friend of 30 years has the 1st Certified Organic Farms, not just in the state of Colorado but in the United States. This is where we get all of our product from. The farm is located an hour outside the Denver area. 

How do I cancel my autoship?

Simply send an email to info@goldensolcbd.com and we will get it taken care of for you right away. Please allow us a 7 day advanced notice prior to your order renewal date. 

How do I check my order status?

If you login and click on "My Account" on the order # it will bring up the status and tracking information for you. 

Can I fail a drug test if I use your CBD product?

Everyone's body is different. While our bottles typically test out at 0% thc, thc can build up in your system depending on the person. Someone more athletic with good vitamin levels in their system usually flush the thc out faster. All of our products are full spectrum meaning that they have trace amounts of thc in them. We would even advise against the belief that an isolate cbd will allow you to pass a drug test. If your company is Zero Tolerance, don't do it. You can also check with your HR department to see if they allow it.